Aisle Do Wedding Podcast

Why should you do an audio podcast?

  1. Ability to get directly in front of your target market — engaged couples.
  2. Talk about what you do and your wedding services from the comfort of your home.
  3. Position yourself as a bridal expert in what you do.
  4. Aisle Do Wedding podcast distribution to platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and hundreds of podcasting apps.
  5. Easy to share & broadcast on all your social media sites and website.

Why should you do a video podcast?

  1. Hosted by Kathy Piech-Lukas, this video interview will position you as a bridal expert in what you love to do in a relaxed, interactive environment that allows you to sell your style and personality.
  2. Available on YouTube, Facebook and your Devoted Cincinnati Dayton profile.
  3. Couples can watch you from the comfort and safety of their homes.
  4. Video can be shared across all social media platforms & your website.
  5. Watched by thousands of couples planning weddings.
  6. Aisle Do Wedding has done social media takeovers at dozens of area bridal shows for years — LIVE from Facebook!

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