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Devoted Wedding Pros Cincinnati Dayton Ohio for Bridal Businesses & Vendors

Finally …. a wedding marketing company DEVOTED to helping wedding professionals grow their wedding business in Cincinnati and Dayton. Devoted Pros is an organization whose primary purpose is not only to get your business’s name out to engaged couples, brides and grooms, but to also help you better manage, promote and market your wedding business. A wedding marketing company who cares just as much about updating you about the newest legislations for COVID-19 and coronavirus as it does listing you on a website. A company whose intention isn’t to take your hard earned money, but that views it as an investment in both our abilities and your wedding business.

I’ve had a vision for many years — a wedding organization for businesses that gives you the same types of benefits that a local chamber of commerce would do, but instead of it being for a city or town, it is for the wedding vendor community and the engaged couples they serve. I have seen so many wedding professionals come and go during the past 16 years I have been working as a wedding planner. I have seen many wedding vendors who have been taken advantage of by companies that want nothing more than someone’s advertising dollars and simply don’t care whether they book a client or not with their wedding advertising services. I’ve heard stories of wedding pros being offered the world and then, over the course of their one year agreement, the terms changing (and not for the better) or them more closely reading their contracts to learn that they’ve been had. I have shaken my head listening to wedding vendors tell me about unethical behavior they see by other wedding professionals in cliques, basing their business success on kickbacks and bullying tactics, and not focusing on serving the couples they love. Yes — we got into the wedding business to make a living — but we also started our wedding businesses to do work we love.

Devoted Pros wants every wedding business to be successful and thrive. There is more than enough business for every wedding vendor. Brides and grooms book wedding vendors based on personality, style, price and dependability. As a local company, we are based in Ohio and we provide strategic direction that we know will make you thrive in southwest Ohio — not what generically works for wedding pros. (What works in Texas and California doesn’t necessarily work in Cincinnati and Dayton!)

I’ve spent this year learning about myself and what I love to do, and I am certain that every wedding vendor reading this blog can say the same thing. I love the wedding industry and the wedding pros that I work with. When I get a hug at the end of the night from my couple, I know the bride and groom are happy and I have done my job. In my eyes, if you as a wedding pro come running back to me 60 days before you are set to renew your wedding advertising package with Devoted Cincinnati Dayton, I know I have done my job with YOU. I have also realized how much I love writing, that I love producing videos and that my ultimate dream would be to be a real (not platinum) wedding television personality showing the world how much love that wedding vendors create for engaged couples. I also love learning about what each wedding vendor does, what makes them unique and why they do what they do. Those are the reasons why I launched the podcast “Aisle Do Wedding,” which you can watch on YouTube or Facebook, or subscribe to on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Tune In Radio / Alexa and more at

The “Wedding Prose” blog and wedding vendor newsletter will be a weekly blog specifically designed to update you about the latest information about Devoted Cincinnati Dayton, wedding trends, wedding regulations, bridal shows, specials, wedding events, networking events by Devoted Cincinnati Dayton and tips to help you grow your wedding business. Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay in touch about everything wedding industry in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky!!


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