Online Directory

Why our directory?

  1. We are a local business — So we are able to give you that personalized, face-to-face customer service that our competitors simply can’t.
  2. All Cincinnati and Dayton wedding vendors get social media shoutouts on Devoted Cincinnati Dayton’s Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. The more photos in your profile translates to more photos on our Pinterest page.
  3. The tracking system is a feature on our website that allows you to track how many people have viewed and engaged with your listing. You can update your listing, upload photos and personalize your listing real-time.
  4. All listings have the ability to create specials or discounts that appear on our Digital Coupon page. This is the website’s biggest attraction and another way to gain exposure to engaged couples.
  5. Photos that you post on your listing will appear in our Inspiration Photo Gallery, which is like a Pinterest board on the website. All of these photos link back to your listing.
  6. Links to Podcast & Videocast interviews will be connected to your internet profile on Devoted Cincinnati Dayton’s website.

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Quantify traffic to the directory? Instead of getting lost in the shuffle of thousands of local vendors, let us help you stand out. Brides and Grooms come to us to find YOU! Let us connect you with these engaged couples planning weddings in Ohio.

Our new Devoted Cincinnati Dayton website launched in August 2020. Devoted Directories will go statewide by the end of 2020 and nationwide in summer of 2020!